Have you ever seen a child open up a pile of birthday presents, only to play with an empty box? Sometimes, the most fun toys of all are non-toys! Using everyday or household objects as play tools is not only cost effective and convenient- it teaches some great functional skills! Here are a few of my favorite “non-toys” to have on hand:

*paper towel and toilet paper rolls

*muffin tins/muffin cups

*measuring cups and spoons


*cardboard boxes

*plastic straws

*kitchen utensils

*scrub brushes

*tin cans

*travel size bottles

*throw pillows and couch cushions

*cotton balls/cotton swabs

*laundry basket

*empty wipes containers


*salad tongs

*pots and pans

*full length mirrors

The best part about “non-toys”? The possibilities are ENDLESS! Children really have to use their creativity and ingenuity, and you might be surprised at what even the youngest kiddos come up with. So the next time you find yourself bored with the same old toys, look no further than your own house!


Happy Spring Break!

Elizabeth Clark McKenzie

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