Useful Apps

In this day and age of technology, there are many useful apps out there that can make the jobs of parents, caregivers and therapists just a little bit easier! Here are 7 fantastic apps to check out:

Tantrum Tracker   Tantrum Tracker App 1Tantrum Tacker App 2This app is great! It allows you to track locations, triggers, take photos and videos, and write up to 25,000 characters of notes related to the event. It also consolidates the data and looks for any patterns or commonalities for you. You can easily share the information with teachers, therapists, and other caregivers.

Time Timer time timer 2Time Timer 3The Time Timer app is SO useful for therapists and parents alike! You can adjust the timer to any increment that you like, and you can have multiple timers going at once. Children can easily see how much time is left. You can also save your timers to reuse for future!

Learny Food Food App1Food App 2I like this app to use for my picky eaters. It provides visual prompts and rewards for trying new foods, allows children to earn tokens and prizes, and keeps track of progress. My favorite feature is that you can offer the child visual choices, and he can rate the food right within the app!

iPrompts First Then AppFirstThen 2I just recently discovered this app and it has been a game changer for one of my clients! The app allows you to create and save visual schedules that are completely customized to the child, complete with real photos!

First Then Visual Schedule iPrompts AppiPromptsApp2Similar to the iPrompts app, this app creates visual schedules but in a much more simplistic way. I love this app for earlier language learners. It also comes with a timer that can be paired with each task. I also love the “make a choice” feature, which provides visual choices to the user.

DreamyKidDreamyKid1DreamyKid2 Mindfulness is all the rage these days, and for good reason! I have been trying to work some calming strategies into all of my sessions, and this app is super helpful! It has fun graphics that guide children through meditations, as well as ideas for activities, inspirational quotes, and yoga poses. You can also access calming background music or nature sounds to use while completing other tasks.

ArtKiveArtKive1ArtKive2This is a little bit of a bonus, but I love this app! It is designed to store and organize photos of children’s artwork, but could also be used by therapists to keep track of drawing, handwriting, and other visual-motor tasks. The files are easily accessible and you can create profiles for multiple children.

I am always looking for ones to recommend to parents. What are some of your favorite apps?

Elizabeth Clark McKenzie, MS, CCC-SLP

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